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Arezzo, 15th March 1926: the history of gold melded with that of Carlo Zucchi and Leopoldo Gori, the two founding fathers of the first industrial goldsmiths of the city. On 2nd April 1935, they were conferred the very first hallmark of the province of Arezzo, ‘1AR’, for the 1st in Arezzo, which then came to used as the company name pronounced in Italian: “UNOAERRE”.

A long tradition in the art of goldsmithery has nurtured a company that was born as pure as gold itself.

In the following years, several generations of goldsmiths, technicians, master craftsmen and artists built and developed a successful enterprise that is still unique in the world today.

There is virtually not a single country in the world without a UNOAERRE piece of jewellery and perhaps not a single professional in the business unfamiliar with Gori & Zucchi’s name.

For more than 90 years, UNOAERRE has been renowned in the jewellery market as the most trustworthy of goldsmiths. It has thus become one of the leading companies in the world and has pursued its goals and growth philosophy, not only by joining the Responsible Jewellery Council and adhering to the international association’s high ethical standards, but also by qualifying its internal chemical laboratory to ACCREDIA certification for the testing of the fineness of gold alloys according to internationally recognised standards.

Today, the company boasts a distribution network throughout more than 40 countries, with direct branches in France and Japan. In Italy, where UNOAERRE is the leading brand in the wedding ring market (with more than 70% market share), it supplies more than 4000 retailers and is supported by a network of around 100 distributors.


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UNOAERRE INDUSTRIES S.p.A. Società Unipersonale

Loc. San Zeno Strada E n. 5
52100 Arezzo

Cap. soc. € 2.120.000,00 interamente versato
Iscrizione Registro Imprese di Arezzo e Codice Fiscale 02039680513
Partita IVA n. 02039680513
REA di Arezzo 157232

Tel. 0575. 9251
Fax 0575. 381764



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